4 girls and 2 boys

Gemma and JW Litter 

Born: 4/17/11

Crystal (Gemma/JW) 



3 girls and 1 boy

Gemma and Gus Litter 

Born: 10/20/11

5 boys and 4 girls

Gemma and Kimbo Litter

Born: 9/27/12



Lila (Gemma/Gus) 

Male from Kimbo/Grace Litter

Born: 3/20/12





Bobby and Greg

Freed's Kimbo Slice and Heavenly Grace Litter

Born: 3/20/12 

Chosen Valley's Lila - 15 Months

McMillan's Lil' Gemma x McMillan's Lil' Gus

 Born: 10/20/11 




























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