What-a-Mug Oz the Mad Russian 

HogHouse Morpheus of Joyful Acres  

My Bulldogges' Bamas BamBam




Pacific Blue's Gucci 


Pacific Blue's Haiti 


 Ch. Teresi's Dottie May



Pacific Blue's Ken Norton 


Full of Bull's Ices  (

* RIP *



Roadhouse's Harley Lee





Joyful Acres' Chilo 


Pacific Blue's Kong 

* RIP *








What-A-Mug Blue Suede 


 TNT Tsunami 






Pacific Blue's Coco of Gargoyle  





McMillan's Gustavo Blue Eyes


McMillan's Lil' Gemma




McMillan's Heavenly Grace

Freed's Kimbo Slice 




Gargoyles Omen 

Cahah's Mtn. Black Tie Affair 




Gargoyle's Black Supernova 




Taurus Bull's Kali 








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